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NSW looking at the worst fire season on record
With NSW firefighters facing more than 80 blazes across the state, the Rural Fire Service warns this season could be the worst on record. 
Total fire bans were put in place across NSW yesterday, the earliest on record.
With all of the state declared drought affected and year to date temperatures at an all time high, the RFS says we will need a lot of rain to make up the moisture deficit.


Territory euthanasia bill defeated in the Senate
A bill which would start the process to legalise euthanasia in the ACT and Northern Territory has been defeated in the Senate. Both jurisdictions are currently prevented from introducing their own assisted dying laws.
And while some Federal politicians have argued the ban should be overturned, the Senate has narrowly voted down the measure, meaning it won't progress any further for now.


Two pilots taken to Canberra Hospital
An emergency landing has seen two pilots taken to hospital overnight. An aircraft, understood to be a Qantas Boeing 737-700 cargo plane, was forced to land in Canberra just before midnight after experiencing a sudden loss of pressure.
The pilot and co-pilot are being monitored at Canberra Hospital.


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