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The ACT Government is moving ahead with plans to legalise same sex marriage in the territory.

A bill will be introduced in the Assembly on Thursday.. with the law expected to be passed next month.

There is question though about whether the Abbott government will override the laws in Federal Parliament.

But Attorney-General Simon Corbell says they've considered all the legalities.

"We're very confident that the law is valid and will stand. We've got very clear legal advice on the question.

We believe it is entirely constitutional for the territory to legislate for a law that recognises and establishes a relationship scheme for same-sex couples because it does not impinge on the Commonwealth Marriage Act," he said.

However it's angered Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby who says the ACT should leave the issue alone.

"Potentially nine members of a uni-cameral Assembly which is here to basically govern the municipal affairs of the ACT is trying to set a precedent for very important social policy.  I think it needs to go to the ultimate conscience vote and that's to a national referendum of the Australian people," he said.

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